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On October 3rd in Colombia and Latin America, the Day of the Dentist is celebrated to commemorate and honor those professionals who take care of our oral health, a profession considered of utmost importance by the World Health Organization (WHO). The history of why this day is celebrated is due to the fact that on October 3, 1917, the Latin American Dental Federation (FOLA) was formed. It was in a Congress in Santiago de Chile, where a group of dentists met to discuss some aspects of the profession. It is for them that on a day like today, we celebrate remembering the professionals who make our smile an excellent letter of introduction.

In 1925, 8 years later, Dr. Raúl Loustalán, an Argentine delegate, proposed that the Latin American Dentistry Day be celebrated on October 3rd. Other countries such as Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua, celebrate it on February 9, the day of Saint Apollonia, patron saint of dentists.

In Colombia, the Dentist’s Day has two characteristic historical events that marked the birth of this special date:

  1. The placement of the portrait of Sebastián Carrasquilla. Dentistry School director of the National University.
  2. The IV Latin American Congress of the Colombian Dental Federation.

Both events coincided and were held on October 3rd in 1939,. From then on, this date was institutionalized as the Day of the Dentist. In 1944.

Two years later, on the twentieth anniversary of the Pan-American Congress in Santiago de Chile, he managed to get the Latin American Dental Federation to invite all the countries in the area to commemorate October 3rd. That same year there is a stir due to the bill that would modify law 51 of 1937, which regulates the profession. The bill was presented in August 1946 and protocolized in December of the same year.

Despite efforts to prevent the Senate from vetoing the bill, it was approved on December 16th. In 1948, the Colombian Dental Federation joined the celebration on October 3rd. From 1970 onwards, the Colombian Dental Federation and the country’s Associations and commercial houses join in solidarity with the celebration and have contributed to its enhancement.


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