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Carrera 11A # 97 – 19 Bogotá


Maxillofacial Treatments

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the medical-surgical specialty where a diagnosis and treatment of defects, aesthetic and functional aspects of the mouth, teeth, jaws and face that prevent you from having a correct function and facial aesthetics, oral, healthy and harmonious.

It also treats diseases related to the jaw joint. The contribution of Maxillofacial Surgery to facial aesthetic surgery is accompanied by cheek and chin augmentation, based on the correction of the bones of the face.

In our clinic, Dr. Marcos Daniel Gonzalez, oral and maxillofacial surgeon of the Universidad del Bosque with more than 25 years of experience in handling cases of all types, will attend each of these situations according to your case, through specialized examinations that allow us to accurately determine your treatment.

Grafts for tissue regeneration.

Orthognathic Surgery (Maxillary Correction)

Orthognathic Surgery (Maxillary Correction)

Periodontal surgery.


Performed by the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and his multidisciplinary team.

Minimally invasive techniques.

Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Treatments.

Bruxism Treatment


With piezoelectric surgery, we ensure the least tissue injury.

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