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Dental implants in 48 hours or less.

Statistics show that 69% of adults between 35 and 44 years old have lost at least one tooth, and 26% of adults between 65 and 74 years old have lost all their permanent teeth. The good news is that thanks to Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, an innovative system has arrived in Colombia so that patients can change their annoying dentures or removable prostheses for implants with functional and esthetic results for all bone situations.

Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology is a different type of implantology to the one traditionally known in the country.

Strategic Implantology has been developed and expanded in Europe and much of Asia by German Doctor Stefan Ihde and its principles are based on implants used daily by orthopedic traumatologists for more than 60 years to treat fractures and other diseases of human skeleton bones. The origin and scientific development as well as the manufacturing of the Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology has been carried out in laboratories located in Switzerland under the Ihde Dental brand.

Among the many benefits of Strategic Implant Dentistry are the ability to treat patients who have been “implantologically neglected” by traditional implantology, generally because they have very little bone in their jaws, in addition to other characteristics:


Minimal post-surgical discomfort, little swelling, pain and bleeding.

Teeth on the same day of the implant insertion appointment or within 72 hours thereafter.

We are pioneers in Colombia and Latin America.

The most complex cases are successfully resolved.

Lower costs by reducing the number of surgeries.

Excellent quality – time – price ratio.

Swiss design and technology.

No bone grafting is required.


It refers to dental implants that are designed to achieve a better fixation to the bone once placed; achieving many differences and advantages over conventional implants.

Strategic Implant® concept

From a technical point of view, the treatment concept associated with Strategic Implant® (corticobasal implantology) is identical to the treatment concept performed during osteosynthesis, maxillofacial traumatology and orthopedic surgery. In contrast to conventional dental implants, corticobasal implants are osseofixed implants; their success and integration do not depend on “osseointegration”. However, osseointegration can and will occur over time along all parts of the endosseous implant.

Therefore, we cannot expect the rules, indications and contraindications of conventional dental implantology to apply completely to treatment with corticobasal implants. It is more logical to adapt the rules of traumatology and orthopedic surgery to the field of corticobasal dental implantology. Once this is an attempt, completely new but very clear rules and guidelines emerge, which become evident to apply with this type of implants.

The present consensus paper described the use of corticobasal implants that could be considered highly superior and more effective than the “osseointegrated” dental implant technique. It also described the different aspects associated with this treatment modality, including situations where special attention is required or where the implant treatment plan should be adjusted.

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