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Carrera 11A # 97 – 19 Bogotá
Pioneers in Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology in Colombia

Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology is a different type of Implantology to the one traditionally known in the country that has been developed. It has expanded in Europe and a great part of Asia through the German Doctor Stefan Ihde. Its principles are based on the implants used daily by orthopedic traumatologists for more than 60 years to treat fractures and other diseases of the bones of the human skeleton. Among the many benefits of Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology, there is the possibility of treating patients who with traditional Implantology (two phases) have been implantologically rejected. This type of implants are made of high quality Swiss titanium and are thinner than conventional implants, which makes them less aggressive with the bone and soft tissues of patients, and adapt to the little bone they may have, thus achieving very good functional and aesthetic results.

Some advantages over conventional implants (Branemark type) are:

  • Due to its high technological development, Immediate Loading can be performed, this means that the patient can have his teeth working in less than 3 days once the implants have been placed.
  • These Swiss implants are manufactured with NO-ITIS LASER technology, which is the most advanced surface that responds safely against perimplantitis, maintaining long-term osseointegration.
  • Since bone grafts are not required, the periods of disability are generally reduced by almost 100%.
  • Costs are also reduced by not having to visit the dentist so many times and not having to go under additional surgical procedures that cause discomfort.

At Armonía Dento Facial Clinic we are pioneers in Strategic Implantology in Colombia and Latin America, the only system indicated for immediate loading, which are also approved by the Invima, ensuring optimum quality, safety and traceability to patients.

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