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Carrera 11A # 97 – 19 Bogotá
International Implant Foundation Masterclass Session July, 2018.

A new edition of the International Implant Foundation Masterclass Session was held with the organization of Armonía Dento Facial Continuing Education. The event was held on July 9, 10 and 11, 2018 with the presence of Dr. Aleksandar Lazarov (Sofia, Bulgaria), who was the special guest of this successful meeting. His experience with immediate loading implants dates back to 2005, when he started working with this technique, in 2013 he received the title of “Master in immediate loading” and in the following year he became a certified Professor of the International Implant Foundation.

Dr. Aleksandar Lazarov was accompanied by Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, pioneer of Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology in Colombia and Latin America, also professor of the International Implant Foundation. The first day of the Masterclass included introductory lectures on Cortico Basal Strategic Implantology and Bone Comprehension to contextualize the attendees on the advances, disciplines and fundamentals of Immediate Load Implantology. With the support of the Swiss implant house IHDE DENTAL AG, segment surgeries were performed with the immediately loaded implants, which were completed in 3 days. The procedures included taking impressions for fixed metal-ceramic prostheses and cementation of the case in porcelain.

Some of the fundamentals covered in the International Implant Foundation Masterclass were:

  1. Selection of the correct design of immediately loaded dental implants for each clinical situation.
  2. Flapless implant placement strategies.
  3. Live surgery and prosthetic work demonstrations.
  4. Armamentarium for Strategic Implantology – equipment, instruments and materials.
  5. Step-by-step surgical and prosthetic phases in full mouth rehabilitation with immediately loaded basal implants.
  6. Methods to avoid perimplantitis in a simple way and introduction of the “No-Itis” Laser surface.

In the Masterclass Session in July, the special guest and the support of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez provided the attending doctors with a different perspective to traditional implantology, as Dr. Lazarov’s experience provided several alternatives in Immediate Loading Strategic Implantology, to solve all types of cases in a simple, safe and successful way.

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